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Óscar Peñarroya, author of the instrumentation of La Filla del Mar



Agata, a young woman rescued from the sea as a child, has grown up in a small town on the coast, constantly rejected by everyone because of her unknown origins. An animal, an outcast, an outsider. But Ágata finds peace in the very thing that her family stole from her in that shipwreck, the sea. With the innocence of someone who only thinks of the horizon, fishing and her "sister" Mariona, the arrival in the village of Pere Màrtir will cause Ágata to be involved in a complex love triangle that, despite being born like a deception, it will lead her to live a romantic, extreme, purely instinctive and crazy love, which will trigger tragic consequences.

La filla del mar, by Àngel Guimerà is one of the most memorable pieces of Catalan dramatic literature. A story of absolute validity that tells us about discrimination and the resistance of communities to incorporate difference and that allows us to question the role of instincts in human behavior.
The company LA BARNI TEATRE brings it from new to the stage in the form of musical theater with the desire to bring one of the great classics of Catalan theatre, loaded with poetic force and great passions, to the public of our days.

Libret: Àngel Guimerà / Jaume Viñas

Lyrics: Jaume Viñas

Music: Marc Sambola
Orchestration: Óscar Peñarroya

Musical direction: Marc Sambola

Stage direction: Marc Vilavella

Assistant director: Mara Fernández

Choreography: Teresa G. Valenzuela

Costume design: Jordi Bulbena / Marc Udina

Characterization : Núria Llunell

Scenography design: Jordi Bulbena / Marc Udina

Sound design: Jordi Ballbé

Lighting design: Jordi Berch< br />
Graphic design: Zuhaitz San Buenaventura

Performers: Xavi Casan, Mariona Castillo, Arnau Puig, Gracia Fernández, Irene Jódar Garcia, Albert Mora, Candela Díaz Sanz, Toni Viñals and Clara Solé.

Production: A creation of La Barni Teatre. A production of Focus i Grec 2021 Barcelona Festival

Company: La Barni Teatre

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