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L’apassionant carrera artística de Marta Gelabert


How far would you be willing to go for a dream? Marta Gelabert is very clear about this and nothing stops her in her rise to fame.

At an award ceremony for performing arts, Marta Gelabert – musical theater actress – receives an honorary one in recognition of her artistic career . As a result of this fact, she is interviewed in a television program during which she will explain all the vicissitudes of her career. The musical moments of the work are flashbacks of her artistic life which, in reality, differ greatly from what she explains in the interview. In fact, Marta Gelabert, in order to realize her dream of being an artist, is capable of everything: nothing stops her in her rise to fame, even though fame costs and always has a price.

The exciting artistic career of Marta Gelabert portrays, in a humorous way, through the story of the protagonist, the artistic vocations, the castings, the companies and tours, the record world, the vocal problems of artists, musical theater schools, the Broadway dream, the awards handled, etc.

Performers: Meritxell Coma, Núria Coma, Rita Gol, Albert López, Neus López, Maria del Mar Maestu, Ferran Marquina, M. Carme Mateu, Rubèn Montañá, Óscar Peñarroya

Booklet: M. Carme Mateu

Font: M. Carme Mateu

Music: Óscar Peñarroya

Music Direction: Óscar Peñarroya

Stage direction: M. Carme Mateu

Choreography: Pere Faura

Costume Design: Anna Miró

Set Design: Albert López Vivancos

Light Layout: Sílvia González

Featured in: Teatre Zorrilla de Badalona

Company: L'oca Underground

Year: 2003

Release date: May 27, 2003

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