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Per molts anys


For many years it is the story of Lluís, Mercè, Laura and Ernest, a marriage and their two children. Lluís and Mercè are celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary today: thirty years of colorful experiences. Between memories and regrets, the characters will make a journey of difficult return.

For many years it has been a musical that, with humor and honesty, deals with a universal theme: family relationships. How do we relate to those with whom we share so many stories and hysteria? Are we able to fit the evolution of these relationships naturally? How much love hide the reproaches we shoot at discretion? How do we disguise our feelings with people at home? How many times will we have to redo the schedules so that everyone gets involved in walking the dog?


Louis, the father: Joan Martínez

Mercè, The mother: M. Carme Mateu

Laura, the daughter: Maria del Mar Maestu / Eva Cutura

Ernest, son: Rubèn Montañá

The maid, Marta, the grandmother, the neighbor, the gondolier...: Élia Corral

Music: Óscar Peñarroya

Booklet: César Aparício

Stage and Music Direction: Óscar Peñarroya

Choreography: Neus Martínez i Pere Faura

Costume Design: Neus López

Set Design: Marcela Gómez

Light Layout: Ruben Taltavull

Graphic design: Rubèn Montañá

Featured in: Sala Maria Plans de Terrassa

Year: 2007

Release date: March 16, 2007

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