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BABET, cuina a 3 veus


Piano, original music, arrangements and musical direction: Óscar Peñarroya. Original idea, dramaturgy and performers: Les Cot (Anna Ponces, Maria Viñas and Elia Corral)


10 years ago Clara, Olívia, Tina and Xavier had a dream: to open a restaurant that they would name Babet. A restaurant with a very particular menu in which each recipe was carefully designed to make diners experience a journey through emotions: revenge, trust, despair, love, hate...

The curtain rises.

Clara, Olivia and Tina are reunited at the tribute for the death - in strange circumstances - of Xavier. It's been 10 years since they had that dream. Nothing is as it should have been.

Performers: Anna Ponces, Maria Viñas, Elia Corral

Library: Anna Ponces, Elia Corral, Maria Viñas, Francesc Hernández

Music: Óscar Peñarroya

Stage direction: Lluís Parera

Musical direction: Óscar Peñarroya

Choreography: David Soro, Paca Portillo

Costume design: Isis de Jesús (La Rata Parda)

Set design: Anna Tantull / Óscar Merino

Lighting design: David Muñiz

Graphic design: Carles Marsal

Catalan adaptation: Cèsar Aparicio, Anna Ponces, Maria Viñas and Maria Viñas

Production: Les Cot and Noemí Sas

Company: Les Cot


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