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Three friends go to Paris with a very specific goal: to make the dream of one of them come true. But what will happen to them on the way to Paris will transform the journey into a race against time that will change their lives. What was supposed to be a journey without too many complications will become a musical black comedy, full of magical realism, with all the power that live music offers three voices.
Friendship, dreams, obsessions , three voices that speak to you, sex, the paleo diet... all this and much more is... PARIS.

Performers: Elia Corral, Mar Maestu and Maria Viñas

Music, musical direction and piano: Óscar Peñarroya

Letters: Cèsar Aparício and Maria Viñas

Text: Paul Berrondo and LES COT

Dramaturgy and direction: Paul Berrondo

Scenography, costume and graphic design: Jose Novoa

Choreography: Fátima Campos Trepat

Light design: Roc Lain

Sound design: Edgar Duran

Sound and lighting technician: Lindsay Cabello

Graphic design: Lu Garriga

Photographs: Jose Novoa and Senén Escoda

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