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Other Works

3 songs for tenor and piano, 2006

Category: Concert Works

Cançons amb textos de Gemma Lorite.

Frecs - Tàcit - Averany

Recordant Robin Hood, 2005

Commissioned work for the 25th anniversary of the DIAULA Musical Education Center.

Història de Catalunya amb cançons, 2005

Orchestration and harmonization in cantata form of the work by Antoni Ros-Marbà with texts by Jaume Picas, for the 25th anniversary of the Xicalla choir.

El concert desconcertant, 2005

Orchestration of the cantata by Antoni Ros-Marbà with texts by Miquel Desclot, for the 25th anniversary of the Manlleu music school.

3 cançons per a tenor i piano, 2006

Songs with texts by Gemma Lorite.

Frecs - Tacit - Averany

3 songs, 2000 and 2004

Category: Concert Works

3 songs for voice and various chamber formations with texts by Miquel Martí and Pol.

  • Poem in 3 beats
  • With the docile shadow
  • Arran of sand, the mirror

Suite de la Terra, 2001

Category: Concert Works

Work in 4 movements for symphony orchestra.

  • The fire
  • The ice
  • The fog
  • The forest

String Quartet, 1999

Category: Concert Works

  • I. Andante
  • II. Lento – Allegro – Lento
  • III. A la Bartók

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