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Virtual Cantània

Category: Concert Works

New technologies are everywhere and they are here to stay. Marcel has installed an artificial intelligence application and is discovering a universe that fascinates him. How far will the power of seduction of this virtual world go? The schools work on a newly created cantata throughout the year, with 3 mandatory training sessions for the teachers. Finally they will perform it on stage.


  • Óscar Peñarroya, music
  • César Aparício, letters
  • Óscar Peñarroya and Cèsar Aparício, text
  • Josep Prats, musical coordination
  • Elisenda Carrasco, Oriol Castanyer and Montserrat Meneses, musical direction
  • Marta Gil, Adrià Aubert and Cristina Martí, stage direction


  • Solo girl voice: Mar Maestu, Maria Santallusia
  • Solo boy voice: Jordi Vidal, Edgar Martínez, Eloi Gómez
  • Flute and piccolo: Elisenda Masachs, Anna Pujol 
  • Clarinet and sax: Francesc Puig, Cesc Miralta
  • Trumpet: Gonzalo Álvarez, Ramon Figueras
  • Trombone: Jordi Gómez, Darío García, Maria Cofan
  • Piano and keyboard: Jordi Castellà, Paul Perera, Óscar Peñarroya
  • Percussion: Robert Armengol, Núria Andorrà, Sabela Castro
  • Drums and percussion: Dani Guisado, Guillem Arnedo
  • Double bass and electric bass: Ferran Puertas, Miquel Àngel Cordero


Marcel is sad. His mother and father have recently separated, and lately he doesn't have much of a desire to have a social life. Some classmates play pranks on him that he doesn't like, and even though Gina invites him to her birthday party, he prefers to stay home. The father has bought a very powerful computer and the mother has given him a mobile phone. Marcel is happy to spend hours with his new digital devices. A stormy day will be the starting point of an extraordinary adventure. Getting to know Sara and her virtual universe will open doors she never dreamed of. Exploring, playing and learning will be the paths that will lead them both to discover new worlds and to make an inner click that will change them forever.

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