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Let's do opera! From opera to musical

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Let's do Opera! is an educational project aimed at secondary school students ( 1st and 2nd ESO) which has as its main objective the participation in an opera show, being part of the large stage chorus, alongside solo singers and a live orchestra.

Until now, this project was working on a children's opera where the students were just the chorus. This year we propose to go further and introduce the world of musicals that we think can be more attractive to young people, without leaving out opera music which, as we will see, has been the inspiration and basis of many musicals.

Let's do opera! From opera to musical

Also, as a novelty, for this edition the high school students will be the only protagonists of the show (yes, they will be accompanied by a soloist and a backup choir), enhancing the movement through the space and running away from the classic static chorus in the stands.

From opera to musical will be a musical journey through opera and musical theatre, getting to know different styles (opera, operetta, folk opera, musical...) and seeing how many musicals have been inspired and based on operas.


  • Arrangements and musical direction: Óscar Peñarroya
  • Dramaturgy and stage direction: David Pintó
  • Soloists: Mar Maestu and Jordi Gener
  • Chorus: Clara Badia, Maria Codony, Gina Gonfaus and Núria Masip
  • Great High School Student Choir
  • Piano: Jordi Castellà
  • Double bass: Ferran Puertas
  • Flute: Elisenda Masachs
  • Clarinet: Francesc Puig
  • Trumpet: Ramon Figueras
  • Trombone: Darío García
  • Percussion: Dani Guisado and Ramon Torramilans

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